Leela Cotton


LEELA COTTON designs and sells organic cotton clothing for adults, children and babies since 1994. Leela Cotton is a company domiciled in Bremen, Germany, with their production facility being in Izmir, Turkey. The cotton is grown and produced in Turkey. The entire process from the cultivation and processing of cotton up to the final product is verified by Control Union Certifications (CUC), an independent and internationally approved organisation. According to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), the CUC-certificate guarantees for their place of production in Izmir, Turkey, to meet the following criteria:



Ubangs purpose is to inspire kids imagination and play.
By combining the inspiration of kids play with the urge for the newest trends in clothes, UBANG has a solid universe that is never static but always stimulating free and unrestrained play.
UBANG was founded in 2006 and is owned and designed by Ulla Bang Jrgensen, who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

There are no investors or any financial corporation behind UBANG.

The people from Ubang believe in long-lasting relationships with their producers built on mutual respect and understanding.

The organic clothes from UBANG are made from organic cotton and the producers have GOTS certification, which also ensures good working conditions and no child labour in the factories where the garments are made.
The entire collection carries the OEKO-TEX-100 certification, whenever possible.

Loud + Proud


The name is a synonym for loud children and proud parents.

Since the company was founded in 2008 priority is on the combination of sustainability, fair production and a special style. Their organic children’s and baby clothes are among the best.

The old stereotype fortunately is obsolete nowadays. Nobody has to think about terms like scratchy, shapeless, colourless and hand wash when it comes to ecological fashion for kids.

Loud + Proud offers kids’ clothes that are trendy and comfortable and which at the same time stops chemicals from entering the wardrobe of the little ones.

In addition Loud + Proud puts a lot of emphasis on production under fair conditions. Whoever has seen reports about production plants in Asia where children and adults work at the expense of their health many hours per day, under the worst labour conditions, just for stylish clothes for the western countries, would like to contribute to the change this situation.

At Loud + Proud there is the opportunity to do this as they produce their products in Portugal, Hungary and Germany and therefore able to monitor every single production step.



The name Smfolk is an old Scandinavian word meaning “little people” or “children”.
People at Smfolk believe in renewal, on being a little different and on the vision about creating a good product.
Smfolk is always happy colors, in the best quality. 85% of the collection and nearly 100% of the baby collection is ecotex certified. Smafolk produce some of the most beautiful organic clothes for children and babies.



Shoes and souls

– Bisgaard was founded in Aarhus in Denmark in 2005 by Marianne Bisgaard & Henrik Thomsen.

-Bisgaard shoes are produced in the EU (Portugal).

-The Bisgaard philosophy is simple: ‘Our leather is always real leather. Our shoes always provide a good fit. Our designs are innovative! We do our best to make life interesting and we don’t follow in anyone’s footsteps!’

-Bisgaard shoes are always made with a 100% European calfskin lining because calfskin is soft, durable & hygienic.

-Bisgaard shoes are made in leather primarily from Portugal, Italy & Spain.

-Through there unique designs and focus on quality, Bisgaard aims to make shoes that are fundamental to our personality and identity.

Alba of Denmark

Alba Kid

Alba of Denmark is a Danish brand for 0-12 year olds and we love having Alba of Denmark at Elves in the Wardrobe. It is designed with inspiration from the designer Majken Banke own childhood. She uses cool details for extra comfort and easy use and the entire collection is made with strong and lasting materials.

Perfect for active kids that love to play and run all day long! All styles are made in small batches, which make them unique products.

Pat & Patty


Children clothes need to be fun & colourful!

Everything started with a small collection of hats, scarfs, snugly hoodies & dresses made from plush cotton.

Pat & Patty is a small family business in Western Germany specialised in whimsical clothes & accessories for children, that meet the needs of little ones and parents equally.

-Simple cuts, colourful designs, high quality & organic fabrics.

-All materials are certified organic and skin friendly.

-Improvement of working conditions for cotton farmers through organic farming.

-European production: The Cotton is sourced from Turkey, the fabric gets produced in Italy &the clothes & accessories are made in East Germany.

All products shine through their detailed appliqus, adorable embroideries and innovative water based screen prints.

DUNS Sweden


…is all about organic, unisex and unique!

DUNS often drawing inspiration from the nature around us, their patterns are lovable and striking.

Duns also uses the most vibrant and fresh colour schemes.

Their collections are always made of 100% high quality organic cotton.



As soft as a sock as comfortable as a slipper.

Made in France by the 5th generation, these rad slipper socks are machine washable and can be used both indoors and out.

We love the Collegien slipper-socks!! They are so cute looking, and so super comfy.With the perforated, breathable soles you surely won’t slip, and the warm upper sock will keep your feet warm and cozy.

There are many great colors and patterns available, in a huge variety of sizes.Interesting fact: the Collegien slippers are still made by the 5th generation of a French family, in one of the last French textile companies. Did we already say we love the organic Collegien slipper-socks?


More than a fling

“More than a FLING is 100% GOTS Certified Organic kids brand from Sweden. Primary basic colours mixed with various colorful unisex prints.

More than a Fling is a sub brand to the famous 100% Organic Kids brand DUNS Sweden. The price is surprisingly low due to the few numbers of colours. We are a eco friendly, unisex and happy brand!

Hope you can feel it! It is essential for us to offer the absolute best quality, fitting and making in our unisex garments!
The entire production of DUNS Sweden is certified by GOTS and controlled by ControlUnion. All employees have a salary that exceeds the Living Wage for India with approximately 20%. (More on Living Wage).

Working days are between 9 and 5. Overtime is paid and voluntary. If the heat is to strong the working hours are adjusted. The unit has 20 permanent employees and 25 floating (meaning they have special knowledge and work in different units depending on if their expertice is needed).

All designs are originals made in Gothenburg, Sweden and produced by our wonderful team in our GOTS-certified production unit in India. More than a Fling produces gorgeous organic baby and kids clothes.



Nanchen Dolls have been hand made in a small manufactory in Martinhagen/Schauenburg since 1983. Martinhangen is located about 15 km to the west of Kassel, on the periphery of the Harbichtswald Nature Park.In our company building, somewhat hidden at the foot of the Martinstein hill, lived one of the first tailors of this 1500 strong village.

Today, no less than 15 employees work on producing Nanchen Dolls. The doll’s faces are hand-painted directly in the manufactory. Due to the dolls being individually hand-painted, each and every one is given its own character. Only materials from controlled organic cultivation and controlled organic farming are used for Nanchen Natur products. Nanchen Dolls are sold worldwide.

On top of the many retailers in Europe who sell Nanchen Dolls, there are many businesses and internet providers which belong to our group of buyers. Due to their timeless look Nanchen natural products have been present in the high-quality toy market for over 30 years.

In 2012, we, Janah von Buttlar and Juliane Krueger, took over Nanchen Natur from its previous owners, Nana and Peter Sendke. They continue to lead this traditional company with great joy and vigour just as they would have wanted. As children, they too played with the beautiful Nanchen Natur dolls and would love to give your children the same joy and pleasure they had with their high-quality hand-made products.



Mad About Mini

Kids aren’t limited by trends and what others think. Their childlike wonder and fairy tale hearts beckon us into a world all their own and it is our belief that their clothes should be as unique as their imaginations.

Introducing Mad About Mini.

Mad because, lets face it, sleepless nights, cheerio’s in the backseat, and soggy toast on the bottom of your stilettos can drive you crazy. And mad, because no matter what way you look at it there is no greater love.

Truly, madly, deeply we would all go to the ends of the earth for our little ones and don’t they deserve the warm embrace of a natural, quality and quintessentially lovable label?

Each season Kat Starr, designer & owner of Mad About Mini, seeks to deliver a collection that embodies practicality, functionality, style and most importantly – play. A unisex range created by combining flawless fit with a unique twist on classic pieces. Mad About Mini is proud to introduce you to their range of signature in-house illustrated prints, all in a delightful palette of seasonal hues and tones.

The organic fashion label believes in sustainability. That is why they create beautiful clothing using only GOTS Certified organic cotton, which not only ensures the softness your child needs for comfortable play, but also helps to protect the environment.

Sizes Newborn – 7years

G Nancy


G.NANCY is the realized dream of Sydney-based kiwi designer Georgia Nancy Holmes.

The charming range is a collection of simple but beautiful long and short PJ sets and nighties in a collection of prints – G.Nancy’s trademark stars and a new print every season exclusively designed in collaboration with her husband, partner in love and life – illustrator and artist Oli Holmes.

Georgia started the company shortly after completing her degree in fashion aged 23 and in just 2 years has built up a loyal following of customers from New York to London to tiny towns in rural Australia. Now a mum herself, to eight-week-old beautiful baby Ivy, Georgia has become even more inspired to create, fun-loving and practical PJs that help little ones get a good nights’ sleep.

“Having grown up in the country where baths were taken at four in the afternoon and we were rarely out of our pyjamas, it is truly a labor of love for me to create a beautiful product that kids can happily lounge around in on lazy mornings or pull on in the early evening just to feel cosy and snug,” said Georgia, a former nanny with a wealth of experience getting kids into their PJs!

Once the little ones are tucked up in bed in their G.Nancy PJs, parents can rest easy too: all of the pyjamas are made from organic cotton, coloured with the highest quality ethical dyes and printed with the softest water-based inks.

The PJs are truly a local product from start to finish, having been designed, dyed, printed, and manufactured in Sydney.

We hope your children have the most magical adventures in their G.NANCY pyjamas.

Poundre Organic


Poudre Organic is a young brand created in 2014 by a Mum from Auxerre: Manon. She is really interested in ecology, loves nature and is enthusiastic about children’s fashion, which is why she decided to start a new adventure called Poudre Organic.

She started by launching a range of swaddling clothes then, happy with her success, broadened the range so she could offer bodysuits, pyjamas, bibs and also dummy bags, changing mat covers and much more.

In order to stay true to her philosophy, Manon only uses cotton from organic agriculture and produces her clothes and accessories in France and Portugal for their know-how in organic baby clothing. The quality of the fabrics used enables her to create really soft pieces and the seam and label, always located on the outside of the clothes, guarantee comfort for your little ones.

Sense Organics


We are not rich enough to buy cheap”, this is what Grandma Wilhelmine used to say. She would have been proud on her granddaughter Kirsten Weihe-Keidel, who founded Sense Organics. As this is exactly where Sense Organics company philosophy starts:

For 18 years, the German Eco fashion label has been producing colorful and beautiful baby & kids fashion in premium organic cotton quality. You can be sure of the durability of timelessly designed products, that friends or younger brothers and sisters will be able to enjoy as well. All used substances are non-toxic, cuddly soft and especially suitable for the sensitive skin of babies and small children.

But not enough: All of Sense Organics garments are produced socially and environmentally friendly – from seed to seam. The company knows their producers and their manufacturing facilities, partly already for 18 years. All of Sense Organics commercial partners in production are certified SA8000, Fair Trade and GOTS. Furthermore, Control Union, an independent control institution, regularly checks the conformity of standards.

With every purchase of Sense Organics clothing you contribute a grain of sand, to make our world a bit better. For everyone and especially: for the small ones.

Slugs & Snails


Slugs & Snails is a brand born in Ireland that makes unisex tights & shirts for children in quirky and inspiring designs.

Slugs & Snails is a family run business and was created because it was so difficult to find tights designed for boys.

All Slugs & Snails tights are ethically produced and made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Since their humble beginnings in 2011 Slugs & Snails has become an internationally recognised, award winning eco friendly children’s brand.

Available in size newborn up to 8 yrs.

Inch Blue


Since the late 1990’s the family run business makes ethical soft leather shoes by hand in South Wales in England.

These lovely soft, natural shoes are great for small growing feet allowing them to breathe and move freely. Soft non slip soles are perfect for early walkers and crawlers.

Inch Blue are passionate about design, handmade and the right materials.
Every shoes is made with love using the best materials available.

Recommended for babies as the next best thing to bare feet. Inch Blue shoes are available in sizes 0-2 (newborn) up to 10 1/2 – 12 (5-6 years)



The European-inspired children’s clothing and accessories are designed by Christine Dubin, a native of France who now lives in the charming oceanfront town of Gibsons, BC, Canada. Christine combines her vibrant flair for design with her love of vintage knitwear. Miou strives to provide quality, practical yet unique and fashionable children’s clothing for babies and young children while staying true to our principles of producing fair-trade and eco-friendly products.

Clothing with heart

Miou Kids collaborates with women in developing countries, empowering them to contribute to their families’ and their communities’ social, cultural, and economic growth.

Our mission is to create clothing using practices and products that do not cause harm to the environment, the women who work for us or the children who wear it; clothing to be cherished and loved by parents and children alike.