A Magical Way to Dress for Growing Up

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A beautiful range of kids gumboots and baby shoes is available from Bisgaard, a popular Scandinavian label. Each Bisgaard shoe is designed perfectly for little feet, which need proper support and cushioning as they are constantly growing. Each shoe contains a heel cap to provide good support and prevent little damaged knees, and an insole that is molded naturally. No one likes wet socks and these are great for keeping all the water out. All of our kids gumboots are made from naturally tanned leather for softness and flexibility, letting your kid run and jump all day without any painful rubbing.
Why buy eco-friendly:
We are passionate about providing you with the best eco-friendly shoes and clothing to help secure a brighter for your kids. Eco-friendly clothing is made from natural fabrics which contain less toxins and, in turn, are less polluting in their production, use and disposal. By steering clear of synthetic pesticides and toxic fertilizers, water and land pollution is also minimized.